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The People Who Make Us Amazing




I have 8.5 years of coaching experience, which includes the following sports/events:

  • Athletics: sprint, long distance, hurdles.

  • Cross Country

  • Marathon Running

  • Rugby Coaching

  • Judo Strength & Conditioning.

  • The coaching of these sports include, but are not limited to:

  • Program design

  • Face to face private/group coaching

  • Strengthening and conditioning which includes, but is not limited to: running technique/efficiency, fitness, agility, explosive power, core strength, speed, balance, rhythm, and more

  • -the mental side of sports.


I have a BSc degree in Sport Science and a few other coaching and educational/teaching certificates and qualifications.

About myself

As a sportsperson tries to perfect their sporting craft, or an artist tries to perfect their craft, I have spent almost a decade trying to perfect my coaching and teaching craft.

Due to this continual drive to improve, I enjoy expecting the same from an athlete.

If you are willing, I am willing. To build a strong foundation, make a great difference, and leave a lasting positive impact.

I am passionate about guiding people to develop. And I love sport. Combining these two has been a blessing.

Mentionable Achievements in School Athletics Coaching since 2019:

30 Western Province Athletes, of which 17 Achieved Western Cape Colors, 15 National Finalists, and 7 National Medals.

Coach JJ Nieuwoudt

Cell: 071 671 4849


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